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Everyone who completes our online customer survey is eligible for our monthly random drawing. The winner receives a $25 gift certificate good at any MWCD-owned property. Click here to meet some of the winners!

If you have an URGENT issue or concern…

Use the express form to get a message to the right person right away, or go to this list of phone numbers.

Our customers are investing their hard-earned money and time whenever they’re at one of our lake parks, marinas, or campgrounds — and they should get a great experience in return. That’s why this website is so important. It lets you circle back and tell us how we’re doing. If you’re a past or present customer, click here for the online customer survey.

Q. How does this work? How do I send you my customer feedback?

A. It’s easy. Click here and you’ll go straight to the online survey. You can complete the survey right now, while you’re here. It should take about 10 minutes.

Q. Do I have to include my name?

A. No. We’re interested in what our customers have to say and not in who is saying it.

Q. What do you do with the survey info and other input from customers?

A. It’s compiled every week and reviewed by MWCD staff in all areas of the organization, from MWCD headquarters in New Philadelphia to the lake parks and marinas. A number of people keep a close eye on the input as part of their regular job duties, and they make a point of keeping other staff members fully up to speed on key comments and suggestions. When all is said and done, we use this information to see our operations through our customers’ eyes — to find out what we’re doing well and should continue, and to pinpoint where we need to improve.

Q. I have an urgent concern to share. Can I just send it somehow without completing the survey?

A. Yes. Click here for our online express form. You’ll see a scroll-down menu at the top of the form, where you’ll select the right recipient for your message. In cases where you select a specific MWCD lake park as the recipient, the message will go automatically to the park manager and/or the assistant manager.


We serve many different customers, but we serve all of them with the same commitment to great service. Whether you’re a camper, cabin guest, boater, docker, site lessee, or another MWCD customer, this is what you should expect from us:

COURTESY: We will treat you with respect and kindness.

HELPFULNESS: We will respond promptly when you ask for assistance.

EXCELLENCE: We will tend to the details and take the initiative.

SAFETY: We will stay alert, taking action to reduce risks and keep everyone safe.

MAINTENANCE: We will keep the facilities and infrastructure in good working order.

CLEANLINESS: We will maintain high standards of cleanliness in food areas, restrooms, and shower buildings — and litter-free conditions throughout the property.

Click here for more information about our commitment to customers.

MWCD Main Office – (877) 363-8500 (toll free)

Cottage Site Leasing – (877) 363-8500, Ext. 2263 (toll free)  Donnie Borland, Recreation Lease Mgr.

Atwood Lake Park – (330) 343-6780

Atwood Lake Boats (East) – (330) 735-2323  privately owned and operated

Atwood Lake Boats (West) – (330) 330-364-4703  privately owned and operated

Charles Mill Lake Park – (419) 368-6885

Charles Mill Marina – (800) 837-2628  privately owned and operated

Clendening Lake Marina – (740) 658-3691  privately owned and operated

Cottage Site Leasing – (877) 363-8500, Ext. 2263 (toll free)  Donnie Borland, Recreation Lease Manager

Leesville North Fork Campground – (330) 627-4270  privately owned and operated

Leesville North Fork Marina – (330) 627-4270  privately owned and operated

Leesville South Fork Campground – Contact Atwood: (330) 343-6780

Leesville South Fork Marina – (740) 269-5371  privately owned and operated

MWCD Main Office – (877) 363-8500 (toll free) – (330) 343-6647

Piedmont Marina & Campground – (740) 658-1029

Pleasant Hill Lake Park – (419) 938-7884

Pleasant Hill Marina – (419) 938-6488  privately owned and operated

Seneca Lake Park – (740) 685-6013

Seneca Marina – (740) 685-0015

Tappan Lake Park – (740) 922-3649

Tappan Lake Marina – (740) 269-2031  privately owned and operated

Wills Creek – (740) 829-2425

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