And the winner is…

Below are some of the winners of our monthly random drawing. Everyone who completes the online customer surveyis eligible. The winner gets a $25 gift certificate that can be used at any MWCD-owned property.

Tom Bogard’s favorite MWCD facility is Piedmont Lake. His grandparents had a cabin there and he began visiting the lake in the early 1960′s. Recently he rediscovered what a wonderful place it is and has camped twice with his wife at the marina campground. Tom and his wife visit the lake for kayaking, fishing, camping, and the beautiful scenery and plan on coming back often.

Tom, we are glad you have rediscovered Piedmont Lake and are enjoying all it has to offer. We appreciate your time in giving us your feedback!

Jodie Wharton’s favorite MWCD lake and campground is Pleasant Hill. She and her husband along with their sons have been camping here for about 10 years. Jodie shared with us that her mom has camped at Pleasant Hill since she was little. Jodie said ‘the park is beautiful and relaxing, and the perfect way to spend a weekend, or longer, with many activities for all ages. We enjoy boating on the lake on my parent’s pontoon boat, or my husband and I rent a boat or jet skis’.

Jodie, we appreciate your feedback and pictures! Enjoy the rest of your summer at Pleasant Hill and we hope to see you and your family again next year and for many years to come!

Jason Brown grew up in Ashland, Ohio and enjoyed camping and fishing with his parents at Pleasant Hill and Charles Mill lakes. He and his family now live a few hours away but make several trips back to the lakes each summer for fishing with his eight year old daughter (pictured below with one of her Bluegills).  Jason said ‘Three generations of my family have enjoyed these lakes since the early 1980′s’!

Jason, we appreciate your feedback and for continuing this great tradition of fishing at MWCD lakes with your family!


Sharon Bohaty is one of our recent winners. She spends most of her summer boating on Atwood Lake and owns a lake house near Dellroy that she purchased and renovated in 2011.

Sharon shared some great photos of her ‘dog’s favorite pastime’ on the lake and a few great sunset pictures at Atwood Lake (shown below).

Thanks Sharon for completing our survey and for sharing your pictures with us!

Diana Tolliver is a recent Fishing For Feedback contest winner of an MWCD $25 gift certificate. Diana sent us this adorable photo and said it is ‘of my Benjamin with his puppies’ at Seneca Lake.

Thanks, Diana, for taking our survey and for sending us this great photo for our website!


Robert McLamara said he has been fishing Leesville, Clendening, and Piedmont lakes for 30 years. He caught the crappie pictured below from Essex Bay at Piedmont Lake on May 12, 2014. He and his wife fish almost every day that he is off work, last year they fished 67 times!

Thanks, Robert, for taking our survey and for providing us with some great photos. May you and your wife have many great days of fishing MWCD lakes again this year!


Rachel Buurma shared with us that this past summer was her family’s first trip to Pleasant Hill Lake.  She said the facilities were very nice, they loved the lake and returned several times throughout the summer to enjoy the lake and camp. They are looking forward to returning next summer to camp.

Rachel, we appreciate your time in giving us your feedback and the great picture of your family having some fun at Pleasant Hill Lake. We look forward to having you return to visit us again soon!


Jennifer Meyer and her family recently purchased a camper and spent some time camping at Atwood Lake Park this summer. Jennifer shared this picture with us of their dog, Mo, hanging out by the fire at their campsite on Memorial Day weekend.

Thanks, Jennifer, for taking our survey and for sharing your photo. We hope you and your family, including Mo, return again soon to stay with us!


Debbie Schuessler and her husband have been seasonal campers on a waterfront lot at Seneca Lake Park since 1998. They enjoy all the activities the park has to offer, boating on the lake with their pontoon and jet ski and especially look forward to the July 4th fireworks each year.  Debbie said she is very excited about the upcoming renovations to Seneca Park and looks forward to many more years of camping with MWCD.

Thank you, Debbie, for sharing the great picture of the view from your campsite and for completing our survey. We look forward to having you as a seasonal camper at Seneca Lake Park for many more years!


Greg Cilles and his wife enjoy camping and fishing and have docked their houseboat on Piedmont Lake since 2002. They also enjoy taking nature pictures, rain or shine, and submitted a few of their favorite photos of Piedmont Lake to share on our site.

Greg, thank you for sending us your great photos of Piedmont Lake and for giving us your feedback!


Tim Freeman took this beautiful photo of Seneca Lake at sunset while enjoying time on his sailboat. Tim said ‘We spend many days down at Seneca Lake, it is by far our favorite lake. We enjoy taking our sailboat down and just gliding over the waters.  Seneca is a clean and beautiful lake with plenty of fish to be caught!’ 

Thank you, Tim, for sharing this great photo and for your feedback. We hope you enjoy many more sunsets at Seneca Lake on your sailboat!

Cindy Fink and her husband Walt began sailing at Atwood Lake about eight years ago. Prior to that time they enjoyed staying in the cabins with friends and family. Cindy and Walt enjoyed the Atwood area so much they recently purchased a cottage at the lake. Their two ‘tollers’ (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers) also enjoy swimming, sailing and dock jumping at Atwood Lake.

Cindy, thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback and for sharing the picture of your beautiful ‘tollers’.

Tim Bell and his family enjoyed their visit with MWCD renting a pontoon boat. Tim has a busy schedule and was glad to have the opportunity to spend a day with family relaxing and enjoying the lake. Tim said the MWCD staff members and pontoon were great!

Thanks, Tim, for taking time out of your busy schedule to take our survey. We hope you and your family are able to return and enjoy some relaxation time with us again soon!

Ron Becker and his family are frequent visitors to Pleasant Hill Lake Park. They enjoy camping as a family and Ron said his kids really enjoy fishing at the lake and going for bike rides.

Ron, thanks so much for giving us your feedback and sharing your family’s great memories with MWCD!

Claude Boyce and his family have been seasonal campers at Leesville Southfork for the past seven years, and they’re looking forward to season eight this summer. Claude enjoys the beauty and serenity of Leesville Lake and the camaraderie among the campers. High on his list of activities while camping at the lake is fishing. Claude and his grandson recently purchased some new fishing gear and are ready for the “big catch” at Leesville in 2013!

Thank you, Claude, for your feedback — and for continuing the tradition of sharing all that MWCD has to offer at our lakes and facilities with the next generation.

Brian Morris visited Seneca Lake in the 1980′s while growing up in New Concord. For the past six years he and his family have enjoyed get-a-ways at their residence at Seneca Lake for rest and relaxation. Some of their favorite activities while at the lake include boating, swimming, kayaking and fishing.

Brian, thank you for your feedback and for creating new memories and experiences at Seneca Lake with your family.

Paul Nesbitt became acquainted with MWCD over 30 years ago when he began camping at Seneca Lake. He enjoys fishing and in recent years has become a seasonal docker at Piedmont Marina. Paul is looking forward to warmer weather and to a great season this year of boating and fishing on Piedmont Lake.

Paul, we appreciate your feedback and the memories you shared with us of your time at MWCD lakes and facilities.

Mark Tondra has been enjoying MWCD ever since his early days. As a youngster, he spent lots of time at Leesville lake at his family’s cabin. He learned to water ski at Atwood in the 1960s at his aunt and uncle’s cabin. Currently, his favorite lake is Tappan, where he has had a cabin for 38 years. Mark enjoys waterskiing, kayaking, and hiking. He serves as a Lake Keeper at Tappan, through the Ohio Lake Management Society. He has also been a Lake Keeper at Clendening and Piedmont. Thank you, Mark, for sharing your feedback and these photos. Thank you for being a lifelong MWCD customer. And thank you for all you do to preserve, protect, and enjoy our natural resources.